1. I am wondering whether the system still record video if the internet is down suddenly ?
Yes, the pre-installed HDD will continue to record unless your electricity is cut off

2. Is it possible to zoom in to get a better look during the playback ?
You can click mouse to choose digital zoom while you playback on the NVR side, hope this can help you

3. What's the highest mp does this unit can handle ?
the included NVR is 4K one, and can work with any other onvif 8MP camera

4. Can i view my cameras with alexa and google hub ?
Sorry, the system can't work with Alexa and Google hub at this time

5. I purchased this system recently, but what type of hardrives are supported, how I can get more tb where I can buy them what is the brand ?
We pre-installed 3TB HDD in the pack. And this 16CH 4K NVR recorder has two SATA Port and each Port support 10Tb maximum, if you'd like to extend storage, you can add one more HDD, any 3. 5" HDD would be fine, But we recommend the Seagate Skyhawk or Western Digital Purple surveillance HDD

6. Does the video capture a few seconds while recording is triggered by motion ?
typically, it keeps a footage from 30 seconds prior to the event, but you can change this value to be longer

7. Can I use the app to remote access living views while out of the house or at work ?
Yes, you can use this app anywhere as long as the NVR is connected to a router or Internet connection, and also your phone has a strong signal

8. Does these cameras waterproof ?
Yes, it's suitable for all sorts of weather including driving rain, everything will work perfectly

9. Can i search the motion events ? I don't want to get the email alerts, but i am willing to view playbacks if something happens ?
The NVR features smart search function, you can select to only display motion activated video so you can spend less time finding the video you want, If you know the time the motion happened its pretty easy to find

10. I want to search for the past date recording, do i need to scrool back all the entire recording ?
Yes, you can search through your recordings, go to any date and time you wish at a specific date. If you know the time the motion happened, its pretty easy to find

11. I bought this 16ch nvr with 8 cameras and want to buy 4 additional cameras, does these cameras require poe ?
Yes, this is a POE system, all poe cameras can directly connect to the NVR, you can remote access all the cameras with free app on smart devices or pc clients

12. Can this poe security camera system do a 1-way audio or 2-way audio ?
it is only way..., can't support two-way audio

13. I need to run the cable approx 500ft or more what are my options ? If I get that long cable 500ft cat5 dose work with power and data good ?
I'm afraid that the cameras might not work properly since it supports up to 270ft cat5 cable and 330ft cat6 cable, for regular PoE transmit distance is 260ft maximum, but you can add 1 booster on each end and a outlet to plug a power supply into. It can extend pretty far.

14. I am wondering whether I can see the live-feed when i'm at work, and my cameras are installed at home ?
If you integrated these NVR with your cameras through you home router and have the app, it should work fines, you can remotely access anywhere

15. Can i use other poe cameras with this 4k nvr ?
Yes, but pls be ensured that your ip cameras support onvif protocol

16. What happens to the camera outdoor below freezing temperatures ?
These cameras can work with temperatures of -30℃- (+60) ℃, 10%-90%RH,

17. Does this poe system allow for remote viewing from a off network ?
you can only remotely view your system from a PC or phone which are connected to the Internet

18. Is this system compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant ?
no, the system doesn't work with Alexa or google 

19. Are these cameras for outdoor use ?
they are IP66 rated, and can be used for both outdoor or indoor

20. Do this system has the ability to push, email and buzzer notifications to my cellphone ?
Yes, you will receive push notifications on your cellphone, email notifications on your mailbox and buzzer notifications on the NVR

21. How did these cameras connected ?
You need an ethernet connection and you need either an NVR with PoE (power over ethernet), a PoE injector, or a PoE switch. You have lots of options.

22. How can I mount these cameras ?

A: You can mount straight into the wall, ceiling, or whatever you're mounting it to. If you don't want the wires exposed, you'll need some type of riser or wire molding. And there's a screw cap to cover the connector so you don't risk water intrusion. You can also recess the connection into the wall or ceiling.

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